So you’ve been asked to give a speech at a wedding? 


Nervous? Terrified? or Excited? Where do you start? How will you deal with your nervousness? Well, here it is! The solution to your problems.


Wedding Toasts & Speeches contains everything you need to write, practice and execute a perfect wedding speech, and will help you to rise to the occasion with confidence on the wedding day!

In Wedding Toasts & Speeches, you will find expertly written guidance on speech preparation and delivery, sequence of events for toasts and speeches and a selection of amusing quotes which can be successfully incorporated into a well worded speech.

This book also includes: Order of Speeches, Preparing Your Speech, On The Day, Opening Lines, Quotations, Wedding Jokes, Father of the Bride’s Speech, Groom’s Speeches, Best Man’s Speeches, Speech Planner.

Each speech is easy to deliver, humorous and designed to give you many ideas. With over 105,000 copies already sold, this is the must-have book for anyone required to give a wedding speech!